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Brow Feathering

What is Brow Feathering?

Brow feathering is East Day Spa’s advanced semi-permanent brow enhancement treatment. Ideal for those who have lost the fullness of their brow, or have patchy, phantom brows or even those wanting a soft, natural looking, fuller brow.
Your experienced eyebrow technician will re-create the perfect brow, drawing strands from root to tip, with a tried and trusted traditional, semi-permanent tattooing technique called feathering.
Feathering is a series of fine lines placed along the skin, in the same hair growth pattern as your existing hair. We use a 100% safe vegetable dye along with a fine, manual pen, giving seamless natural strokes resulting in a softer look and finer finish compared to other semi-permanent brow treatments.

Our specialist’s before and after shots:

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Who carries out my brow feathering?

Your semi-permanent brow enhancement is performed by our qualified brow specialist, Faye, who has over ten years of local and international experience in this treatment.

What is included and what is the cost?

The cost of our advanced semi-permanent brow enhancement is $550.00 and you receive two sessions for this price.
The first session is approximately one and a half to two hours long. It includes your consultation, treatment and aftercare session.
The complimentary follow up session must be taken within the follow 90 days and involves a repeat of the feathering treatment, only to fill in any areas where the pigment has not been taken up by the skin. The follow up is necessary to ensure the brow looks flawless and improves the longevity of the result.

Are there after effects?

Right after the treatment the brows will be a darker shade, but expect this to fade within 10 days following your treatment until it becomes a more blended natural colour.
After effects may vary from individual to individual, some may experience slight swelling and tenderness on the brow area. This is a normal healing response but if the condition changes, we are available at all times as well as a direct line for after care.
How long will the result last?
With proper after-care guide we provide for your brows, the treatment results will last up to two years.

Are there risks involved?

Your brows are in good hands, we endeavour to carefully control each step of the process to minimise any risk of infection.
Our tools are high quality, individually sealed, single-use and sterilised. The feathering tips for our pens are single-use and disposed of after each use.
Each tip is opened in front of you just before the treatment.
We dispose of all biohazard waste in sharps bins and biohazard bags which is incinerated.

We also have single-use, disposable cotton, gloves, masks and products for each individual client.

Allergies to our 100% safe vegetable dyes is a risk, if you have an allergy to dye or dye substances, or are pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, heart disease), do inform us so that we may advise you accordingly.

Please follow our after-care instructions to ensure your brows keep in great form.
For 10-14 days following your treatment:
• Avoid wetting the area for the first 10 days if possible.
• No swimming, sauna or steam baths for 2 weeks.
• No facial treatments for at least 2 weeks.
• Avoid vigorous exercise and perspiration.
• Avoid makeup and skincare products on and around your eyebrows for at least 2 weeks.
• Do not expose the area to the sun or sunbeds.
• Do not pick or scratch the area. If you notice peeling or scabbing, this is normal and a natural healing process.

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