Friday, May 20, 2016

Me, Myself & I

I am blessed to have a home on the beautiful island of Bali.  My love affair with this magic island started 13 years ago and over the years I have seen a significant change in the demographic of the Bali tourist.

Over the past years Bali has been rated as one of the top island destinations in the world.  Previously a domain dominated by its neighbour Australia, who can no longer claim Bali as their own playground although statistically they still are no 1 on the leader board.  Recent times has seen a significant increase of tourism from China, Russia and recently the UAE with more direct flights on offer.    As a resident, we now have to our vast array of culinary choices the Sunday Dim Sum, Borsch and yesterday I had the best shwarma at a new eatery on Sunset called Istanbul. J

Last month, when both East Villas were booked out, I decided to take a mini holiday in Nusa Dua, a peninsula in South Bali best known for its five star resorts and white sandy beaches.  Tourists flock here for an all inclusive affordable holiday in droves.  During my short soujourn , what struck me was the obsession with selfies.  I sat observing one girl who spent over 45 mins, pouting and puckering and contorting her body to every pose possible.  Are we no longer able to take in the natural beauty that surrounds us. What happened to photographing beaches, mountains, animals and shells?  Why are we now becoming the main focus of each photograph with the background a mere check in…..look at me, and by the way this is where I am.

After photograhing ourselves, obsession no. 1 comes the second obsession…..look at what I’m eating.  Does your following really care?  At a recent Jazz afternoon at the uber cool Metis, I espied a couple of girls who came in and did the obligatory  pouted “look at me, look where I am and then look at my high tea” .  I felt so sorry for the musicians, who should have been the focal point of the afternoon, as they were incredibly talented and definitely deserved a larger more focused audience.

Social media is changing the way we holiday.  We no longer share our experiences by word and expressive stories but with a snap…………a holiday snap.



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