East Wellbeing Experience

An immersive remedy for those needing rest and relaxation. Melt into the experience with a warm foot bath of traditionally blended oils, and healing salt before a full body massage with velvety avocado butter. A healthy complexion is restored with a hydrating mask and specialised sleep massage of the head and neck. A silky blend of botanical oils are smoothed over the skin to complete the treatment. Great for hypertension and insomnia. 

1 hour 15 mins $175


Corporate Wellness

For companies looking to get an edge, workplace wellness has become an essential part of the company ethos. East Day Spa offers a selection of modules to enrich your company culture and improve workplace wellness.

Facilitated by our Wellness Coaches, modules include:

  • Zen breaks - 15mins
  • Breathwork and Mindfulness sessions - 30mins (group or one-on-one)
  • Take a journey on our Balinese heritage

Sessions can be bespoke to suit your workplace.

Please contact us for rates and further information: staywell@eastdayspa.com


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